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co-creator & performer

Miros (she/her) loves tacos, crocodiles and chocolate. She lives to move, to travel and to question human existance. Daydreamer, sun in Cancer, tarot reader, latina, clumsy, coffe enthusiast. Passionate about movement, words, salsa and avocado. Ascendant Libra, youth worker, translator, buyer, life partner, choreographer, teacher, witch, tequila snob. Pineapple in pizza, dogs, beach, family, plush toys, casual clothes, friends, white roses, sugar skulls, history books, cuddles, love letters, solo dates, cheese, horror stories, listening, long hugs, geography, sex, boots. Lots of studying, performing and researching big fat important stuff. Moon in Sagittarius. Community, empathy, gestures, caring, massages, challenges, unplanned events, trust, life, death. Meaning. 

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