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August 2-3rd

Butoh Event London

Dates: 2-3 August, 2024

Workshop 1: Friday 2 Aug 18-21h

Workshop 2: Saturday 3 Aug 14:30-17:30 

Performances: Saturday 3 Aug 19-21h (tickets here)
Location: Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall street, EC3A 4AF, London

Join us for an immersive two-day journey into the world of Butoh, a unique and transformative art form. This event features atwo day workshop led by international artist Gio Ju, Subbody Resonance Butoh midwife and Aleksandar Isailovic, the founder of the London Butoh Dance Company and Posthuman Theatre. The workshop is open to people of all abilities and you don't need any dance/theatre experience in order to join.

In addition, enjoy captivating performances by Butoh artists from around the globe, including special showcases by Gio Ju and Aleksandar Isailović.

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butoh in london-3.png

Butoh Workshop:

Discover the World of Butoh: Two Days of Transformative Workshops and Performances in London

With Gio JU and Aleksandar Isailović


Dates: 2-3 August, 2024

Workshop 1: Friday 2 Aug 18-21h

Workshop 2: Saturday 3 Aug 14:30-17:30 

Workshop fee: £50 both days or £35 one day

Performances: Saturday 3 Aug 19-21h (tickets here, discounted for workshop participants)
Location: Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall street, EC3A 4AF, London

Shift to subbody (subconscious/subtle body) mode where body and mind melt into one through various conditioning. Becoming transparent body where dual boundaries are blurred. Open infinite creative source through dance in the pure state of life. It resonates with everything by being freely connected and separated with infinite patterns.



Qualia is a cellular language, very personal, relative, resonant and changing all the time. When we completely switch off thoughts, multidimensional signals that transcend time and space appear and disappear inside and outside the body. When we sense that subtle flow with body, the dance leaps into multiple dimensions. Qualia resonates everywhere between dual and nondual. As the infinite creative source, Qualia exploring will work for all genres of arts and life.

photo: Raúl Bartolome 

Gio Ju

A Butoh dancer and subbody Butoh midwife.

(In the subbody butoh, instead of teacher  there is  midwife who safely bring out hidden bodies within us.) Trained and explored in Subbody Resonance Butoh School for 5 years  since 2010 and guided Butoh at the school and in various places.



Along with subbody butoh, participating in the creation of Ten Pen chii (by Yumiko Yoshioka) in 2013 and the lesson from Butoh master Masaki Iwana became the core of own butoh research.  Gio is a silence practitioner between stillness and movement with Korean martial arts, Ashtanga, and Dantien yoga experience. As a nature textile artist  Gio created sustainable nature textile project, Soft Earth( toward simpler life and closer to nature. Butoh changed the way of living to simpler and closer to true nature.

photo: Raúl Bartolome 


Aleksandar Isailović

Aleksandar is a movement artist based in London. He is the founder of Posthuman Theatre and London Butoh Dance Company.

He is also a dance anthropologist (MA) and a yoga teacher. Aleksandar first came in touch with Butoh in Thailand and then studied with Rhizome Lee in India, Imre Thormann, Mushimaru and many others. He has been guiding Butoh for over five years now. He has performed internationally in Hungary, Finland, India, Serbia, Italy, Norway, Brazil, Turkey and has curated/directed for London Butoh Dance Company. He also holds regular Butoh classes in London.

His main artistic focus in the past few years has been on post-human forms of life.


CALLOUT FOR ARTISTS for Echoes of Silence: A Butoh Performance Evening

We are inviting Butoh artists to join us for a two-day celebration of this unique and transformative art form. Showcase your talent with short Butoh pieces of up to 20-25 minutes and be part of an extraordinary event featuring workshops and performances by international artists.

Join us in bringing the profound beauty and

expressive power of Butoh to life!

Apply Now at

Event Details Dates: Saturday August 3rd 2024

Location: Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall street, EC3A 4AF


London Performance Opportunities: Duration: Short Butoh pieces (20-25 minutes)

Revenue: Sales will be split between the artists, minus venue and other costs

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