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David llewellyn

co-creator & performer

David (he/him) is a Scottish dramaturg, performer, theatre-maker and musician but labels and people don't mix - he tried calling himself a 'self-critical disassembler of theatre' for a while but all his friends stopped wanting to hang out with him. 

Graduating in 2022 from Rose Bruford College's European Theatre Arts course his practice positions itself in the world of ensemble and devised theatre with an eye to how stories function and form. His work revolves around discovering and constructing connections between wildly distant ideas: a piece about heartbreak in the form of cooking an omelette? Why not. A dance show utilising only the sounds of the audiences breathing, heartbeats and blinks? Sure thing. A written biography consisting of a careful handful of truths and many comforting lies? 100%.  Making art that hates itself and hates you for watching it. He still hasn't figured out how to be interesting but he's getting there.

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