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co-creator & performer

Holly (she/they) is a London-based interdisciplinary artist and dancer. They have a background in performance art and have been practicing Butoh for over 5 years, performing in galleries and natural spaces. Their primary purpose in performance-making and sharing is to shed light on repressed shadow aspects of the human experience and to provoke discussion around taboos in culture. Our fear of shadow dies in the light of exposure. They believe that dance performance creates a safe space for people to explore difficult feelings and can act as a powerful form of emotional education. 

As well as co-directing 'Irreverse' as part of the London Butoh Dance company, Holly is a wild dancer for the collective, Sanctuary on the Faultlines. They often perform dance solos and deliver ecosomatics workshops in natural spaces in London. Their intention is to encourage the reunion of the body with our local ecosystem through deep listening and movement.

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